What is Agile Business Development?


Agility is the ability to change position efficiently, and requires a combination of balance, coordination, speed, and strength. In business, agility us often used to denote the capability to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to market or business drivers.

In high technology companies, the concepts of agile software development are being rapidly adopted and embraced as a way to create and release products based on methodologies involving iterative releases, collaboration between self-forming and cross-functional teams and frequent prioritization and testing. The principles that underpin this development methodology were defined by the Agile Manifesto in 2001.

Agile development methodology provides a lightweight framework and well defined processes which prioritizes and aligns product development with customer problems. It utilizes management and engineering best practices to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality products in a timely manner and with accountability and buy-in from both internal and external customers and stakeholders.

In this blog, I propose to take the ideas from Agile development and extend them to the definition, marketing and sales of products, which I term Agile Business Development. In doing so I hope to discuss, report and promote strategies, tactics and methodologies that will allow organizations of any size to gain the agility needed to rapidly adapt and respond to changing markets, dynamic business conditions, and highly ambiguous environments.

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