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Forget what you have heard about selling benefits, not features – Sell outcomes!

Any marketer or sales person worth his keep knows to promote/sell benefits not features, because that is what customers buy right?  I say if you are selling benefits you are probably not leading the sale, you are responding to a customer’s shopping list or worse yet, responding to an RFP. Think of the last time

Buyers may not always select the product they like best – they often buy the one they fear least!

What makes the better choice? Think about it…the last time you purchased a big ticket item what did you do? If you are like me you check product reviews before making a purchase. Why? Well for me, a lot of products look very similar, at least in the way they are positioned and marketed. So

Agile Positioning

A nephew of mine recently joined the Air Force and selected bomb demolition as his occupation. One of the trickier munitions he learned to defuse was based on smart weapons technology. These munitions are delivered to the vicinity of a target via a missile or other delivery vehicle, then smaller sub ordinances are released which

Creating Agile Sales Teams

An agile methodology promotes processes that are structured, adaptive and reiterative, and encourages self-organization, teamwork and accountability. This makes agile methods well suited to use in sales organizations where the ability to adapt to quickly changing customer requirements and dynamic competitive environments is critical to effectively deploying and optimizing human resources to achieve financial targets

Should selling be proactive or reactive?

If you had asked me this question when I started my sales career, I would have answered definitely proactive. Every sales seminar I attended, every book I read, and every training tape I listened to instructed me to take charge of the selling process. All of the closing techniques from the tried and true to

Thoughts on How to Set Sprint Iteration Cycles for Agile Sales Teams

In my posts on Making Sales Agile I discussed the concept of how one might optimally map an Agile framework onto a sales process. In agile development, a Release is a set of functionality that is delivered usually in a series of Sprints. In the context of agile sales, I proposed that the Release is

Making Sales Agile

In a previous blog post I covered a concept of applying agile methodologies to the business development process ( In this post I wanted to begin focus down to the tail of the business development process, closing sales, and look at how one might optimally map an agile framework onto this part of the marketing