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Scrumspect What You Expect

An old adage meets agile and another reason I love scrums! One of the first management adages we all learn is ‘inspect what you expect.’  It certainly has served well as a reminder that the way to ensure some project, delivery, etc. is on time and budget is to keep on top of its progress

Work backwards, not forward!

As I have an equally strong background in marketing and engineering with 20 years of sales and business development experience, I often serve on advisory boards of small and early stage technology companies. Many times in these advisor meetings, I see a dysfunctional pattern: The leadership of these companies are seeking guidance on how to

Watch Your Balance!

I recently learned that my father has trouble maintaining his balance. While I knew he had been using a cane to assist his walking, I had assumed it was because of the lack of strength and mobility in his legs, having had two knee operations and getting on in years. However, I was surprised to