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Forget what you have heard about selling benefits, not features – Sell outcomes!

Any marketer or sales person worth his keep knows to promote/sell benefits not features, because that is what customers buy right?  I say if you are selling benefits you are probably not leading the sale, you are responding to a customer’s shopping list or worse yet, responding to an RFP. Think of the last time

Work backwards, not forward!

As I have an equally strong background in marketing and engineering with 20 years of sales and business development experience, I often serve on advisory boards of small and early stage technology companies. Many times in these advisor meetings, I see a dysfunctional pattern: The leadership of these companies are seeking guidance on how to

So What’s Your Story?

So here’s my story. We are enlarging our marketing staff and I have two job postings advertised for which I am getting a good number of resumes and writing samples submitted. These are junior marketing positions, and we are very clear that we are seeking candidates with marketing education and/or backgrounds. However, when I open

Should we be training our salespeople to be better marketers?

Most organizations invest in educating their salespeople on the company’s products and how to become better at time management, qualifying, managing the sales process (i.e., overcoming objections) and closing. However, I have yet to encounter a company that felt the same way in regards to instructing their sales force in marketing skills. Why is that?