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Scrumspect What You Expect

An old adage meets agile and another reason I love scrums! One of the first management adages we all learn is ‘inspect what you expect.’  It certainly has served well as a reminder that the way to ensure some project, delivery, etc. is on time and budget is to keep on top of its progress

Forget what you have heard about selling benefits, not features – Sell outcomes!

Any marketer or sales person worth his keep knows to promote/sell benefits not features, because that is what customers buy right?  I say if you are selling benefits you are probably not leading the sale, you are responding to a customer’s shopping list or worse yet, responding to an RFP. Think of the last time

Market the problem, not the solution

This is not an idea I came up with – it’s very common knowledge among pragmatic marketers. However, visit any trade show, peruse the ads in any industry rag, or visit a random sampling of web sites and you will see how few high tech companies seem to execute on this concept. Case in point,

Agile Positioning

A nephew of mine recently joined the Air Force and selected bomb demolition as his occupation. One of the trickier munitions he learned to defuse was based on smart weapons technology. These munitions are delivered to the vicinity of a target via a missile or other delivery vehicle, then smaller sub ordinances are released which

One Customer Does Not Make a Market

Market Discovery vs. Validation One customer does not make a market. I heard this phrase somewhere when I first started selling and it has stuck with me since. It is almost so basic I hesitated to write about it, but it seems that every week I am speaking to someone who is either not familiar

Should we be training our salespeople to be better marketers?

Most organizations invest in educating their salespeople on the company’s products and how to become better at time management, qualifying, managing the sales process (i.e., overcoming objections) and closing. However, I have yet to encounter a company that felt the same way in regards to instructing their sales force in marketing skills. Why is that?