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Agile Positioning

A nephew of mine recently joined the Air Force and selected bomb demolition as his occupation. One of the trickier munitions he learned to defuse was based on smart weapons technology. These munitions are delivered to the vicinity of a target via a missile or other delivery vehicle, then smaller sub ordinances are released which

Speaking of the new reality of PR and marketing . . .

Last night I had the pleasure of hearing marketing strategist and author David Meerman Scott speak at the Association for Strategic Planning’s fall kick-off in Boston. You may be familiar with David’s work if you have read his hit new book World Wide Rave or his previous well known The New Rules of Marketing &

Should we be training our salespeople to be better marketers?

Most organizations invest in educating their salespeople on the company’s products and how to become better at time management, qualifying, managing the sales process (i.e., overcoming objections) and closing. However, I have yet to encounter a company that felt the same way in regards to instructing their sales force in marketing skills. Why is that?